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Workshops by Bertena

Bertena has taught these and other workshops at various stores, schools, events, and in her home center. These are just a few that have been provided in person and via Zoom. You may mix any of these topics or suggests ones that fit your needs. She is here to fit your needs.

Please contact to book the following workshops by emailing her at .

Educational Workshops

  • Using Harry Potter in the Classroom to Teach Social Activism
  • Turning Your Ideas into a Pop Culture Book
  • Incorporating Pop Culture into Your Classroom
  • Turning Fans Into Heroes- using Fandom in Social Activism
  • How Student Engagement Can Enrich Your Class
  • Changing the Culture in the Classroom
  • Deviant Subcultures
  • Various Pop Culture Presentations on Comic Books, Movies, TV Shows, Folklore, and more

Self Care Workshops

  • What is Self Care
  • How to Build a Daily Ritual
  • Finding Passion in your Hobby
  • Finding Time for Self Care
  • Getting a Move on in Your Day
  • Journaling to Create Your World
  • Meditation and Yoga Workshops
  • Types of Meditation
  • Creating a Self Care Ritual for the New Year
  • Loving Yourself- A Valentine’s Day Celebration
  • Chair or Restorative Yoga
  • How to Create a Fitness Schedule that Works for You

Metaphysical Workshops

  • Usui Reiki 1, 2, and 3 Certifications
  • How to Read Tarot Cards
  • Angel Reiki Certification
  • How to Read Tea Leaves
  • How to Scry with a Mirror, Crystal Ball, etc.
  • Manifesting Your Desires
  • Meeting Your Angel Guides
  • What are Angel Realms?
  • Introduction to Archangels
  • Introduction to Shadow Work
  • Introduction to Chakras
  • Advanced Chakra Workshop
  • Animal Reiki Certification
  • Tarot for Self Care
  • Introduction to Candle Gazing
  • Kundalini Reiki
  • Spiritual Reiki
  • How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides
  • Connecting to Your Inner Child
  • How to Shield and Protect Yourself from Negative Energy
  • How to Use a Pendulum in Your Everyday Life
  • Goddess Series Workshops
  • Building Altars for Everyday Use
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