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We are a small publishing house that caters to the darker things that one likes to read such as vampires, monsters, aliens, etc. We have published these previous books and are looking for Submissions for our upcoming Vampire Compilation to be released in the fall of 2022.

We are currently looking for Proposals for Submissions for an upcoming unnamed Vampire Book for fans by fans.

Hi everyone! My name is Bertena Varney, and I am the owner of Search for the Lure Publishers that focuses on Vampire books and events.

In 2011 I published my first book, Lure of the Vampire, A Pop Culture Reference Book as a collaboration among myself and other authors and vampire fans. And 10 years later, I am wanting to create a bigger and better pop culture book that will be encompassing for all vampire fans whether it be fans of mythology and lore, pop culture, subcultures, games, or more. I feel like a lot has changed over the last 10 years and am ready to explore the vampire genre again. So, here is some information.

From Whom: Submissions may be from anyone who has interest in the vampire genre. Submissions may be from fans, authors, actors, students, gamers, those who identify as vampires, convention owners, anyone. Anyone is welcome to submit something for publication.

What Type of Submissions: I am looking for personal essays, academic essays, short stories, social commentary, top 10 lists, interviews of authors, vampires, anyone in the vampire field, reviews of movies, books, etc. I am open to anything interesting? Own a business that deals with vampire items. tell me about them and how you got into this business. I am open to anything that can be shared with vampire fans. I have travelled the country talking and teaching about vampires and I find that vampire fans are open to learn ANTYTHING about vampires. No matter how small you think it is. Please see attached list of proposed topics. This list is not inclusive

Intended Audience: Any and every vampire fan on the street. From the teen that is just being introduced to vampires, to those that love the scary creature of the night, or those that are interested in vampire communities or getting to know more fans.

Requirements: See contract for specifics. But original work talking about anything about vampires. You retain the rights to your work and are listed as an author. But you must submit a proposal to be considered for conclusion in the book. The first round will be reviewed on September 1.

Deadline: Proposal of Topic for Approval should be September 1, 2021.  Proposals should be no more than 200 words about what you want to submit, what you will be talking about, etc.

For example, Buffy and the Influence on Gen X Women.  In this essay I would like to discuss how Buffy, Willow, Tara, and the other female characters have influenced Gen X women today in their fight for feminism. I am thinking it will be 500 words and I would like to also do a Top 10 Buffy Episode list to this as well. I would also like to do Bibliography of the best Academic Buffy Books. ß see very simple. They asked for 3 different submissions in this one proposal- essay, top 10 list and bibliography. And this topic isn’t taken if anyone wants to do it.

Submission of work if accepted should be received by December 31, 2021, or sooner. The sooner we get it the faster it can get it edited and sent to the publisher. Send to

Possible Topics for the Unnamed Vampire Book

Here is a list of possible topics that you may choose from for your submission to the unnamed vampire book. Proposals should be emailed by September 1 to vampireprofessor@gmail.comFinal submissions are due December 31, 2021

Length: 250- 3000 word. Short Stories may be longer

Font: Garamond 11 single space

Submitted as a Word Document

Propose any idea that you may have

Do not worry about duplicating, I will look at each proposal and will make sure that they are varied in topic. Up to 3 Proposals may be submitted and all 3 may be accepted.

  1. Vampires in Mythology and Folklore including vampire legends from other countries (One contributor has vampires of different countries) but there are so many we can have a lot.
  2. Personal Essays- experience as a vampire author, actor, script writer, director, and/or book tour host. Tell about your love for vampires and where it came from. Experience as a member of a vampire subculture. Anything that you feel comfortable sharing.
  3. Reviews- Book, Movies, Television Shows, Vampire Products, Comic Books- anything is welcome.
  4. BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Feminist Topics regarding vampires- legends, pop culture, etc. (One contributor has Vampires and queer eroticism) but there is so much to write here as well.
  5. Religion- Religious representations of vampires, vampires’ representation of various religious icons.
  6.  Metaphysical Topics and Vampires- Energy Vampires, Tarot Cards, Spirit Boards, etc.
  7. Academic focused papers of any vampire nature and/or teaching vampire classes/ academic vampire resources
  8. Short stories of vampire related topics- we can discuss this length. It would be longer if needed than the 2500-3000 words for normal proposals.
  9. Top 10 List of anything. For example, Top 10 actors who played Dracula, Best TV Shows, Websites, Sexy Vampires, Scary Vampires. Must include a small introduction at the beginning or explanation with each of the Top Ten Items.
  10. List of or Review of Podcasts that would interest the readers
  11. Gaming and Online Communities.
  12. Vampire Subcultures.
  13. Young Adults and Vampires
  14. Children and Vampires.
  15. Articles on Books, Movies, Tv Shows, Comic Books.
  16. Human Monsters associated with Vampires- Vlad, Elizabeth Bathory, Rod Ferrell just to name a few.

I will notify you of your acceptance and ask that you complete the biography and contract within one week of your notification. Full submissions are not due until December 31, 2021. All items should be emailed to me via

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